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Carpet Care

Floor and Air Care

1) Fresh Stains

For fresh stains, blot up excess liquid and spray Revelry Carpet Stain Remover evenly over stain to be removed. Do not over saturate carpet. Allow time for product to penetrate stain. Blot with clean damp cloth or sponge. Repeat process if necessary. Allow area to dry, then vacuum to restore pile if needed.

2) Old Stains

For old and stubborn stains, spray stain thoroughly with Revelry Carpet Stain Remover. Allow at least 60 seconds for Revelry® to penetrate stain. Blot firmly with clean damp cloth or sponge. Heavily soiled areas of grease, oil or ink may require several applications. The use of a soft bristled brush used in a circular motion will help release stubborn stains from carpet fibers.

3) Color Fastness

All carpets, especially wool, should be tested to insure color fastness before using stain removers. Test on an inconspicuous area of carpet. For light colored and/or low pile carpet, test for possible stain bleeding on a small portion of stain before proceeding. Stains created by acids, dyes or similar agents are generally permanent and may be affected by this product. Stains previously treated with other chemicals may have been set and may not be removed by Revelry Carpet Stain Remover.

4) Rubbing vs. Blotting Stains

Never rub a stain. Always blot with a clean cloth. Spray Revelry Carpet Stain Remover on stain and blot; use a clean, dry area on the cloth and blot again. Repeat until all the stain and stain remover has been transferred from the carpet to the clean cloth. This should always be tried in an inconspicuous area first.

5) Frequency of Carpet Cleaning

To keep your carpets looking great, use the Oreck Dry Carpet® Cleaning System!
Spots: Weekly or prior to regular vacuuming.
Entrances: Monthly
Main Traffic Lanes: Every 2-3 months
All Carpet: Every 12-18 months
Allergen Removal: Clean family rooms and bedrooms every
8 weeks to keep allergen levels low.


1) Allergen Removal

Research shows that carpet contains the second highest concentration of allergens in the home. Vacuuming alone removes only a small fraction of allergens. Oreck Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder has been shown to remove up to 70% more mold, mildew, pollen, pet and dust mite allergens than vacuuming alone. Allergen levels remain low for up to 8 weeks after cleaning. No moisture is left behind to support growth of mold, mildew, bacteria and dust mites. Regular cleaning keeps allergen levels low and thus contributes to an effective allergy avoidance program. Note: Reseal pail after use to avoid moisture loss. This container holds enough product to clean approximately 400 square feet or more of carpeted area.


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