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Floor Care

Air Care

1) Waxing Your Floors

A. FOR HARDWOOD, VINYL, CORK AND LINOLEUM FLOORS: Clean surface thoroughly. Apply a thin coat of Trewax Clear Paste Wax with a soft cloth or steel wool. Let dry only 5 minutes. Buff with a clean dry cloth or electric polisher. Covers about 1,000 square feet per pound. NOTE: Repeat process on new surfaces. Worn areas may require a second coat.
B. FOR FURNITURE OR WOODWORK: If stained or dirty, clean surface thoroughly. Apply a thin wax coat. Let dry only 5 minutes. Polish with a clean cloth.
C. FOR MARBLE: Apply a thin wax coat with a soft cloth and polish immediately with a dry soft cloth.
D. Do not wash wood with water or detergent.
E. Rebuff periodically to renew luster.

2)Buffing Your Floors

A. Strip off old wax and dirt with wax remover or other heavy duty liquid detergent. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Allow to dry.
B. Apply thin even coat of Buffable Floor Wax with string mop or lambs wool applicator. A second coat is recommended on a porous floor.
C. Let dry 20 minutes.
D. For heightened gloss and durability, buff 48 hours after application.
E. To clean, damp mop with clear water or a light cleaning solution. Then buff to renew high gloss.


1)Cleaning Your Air Purifier

Turn off or disconnect power to unit being cleaned. Remove the air cell according to the directions. Thoroughly saturate the cell with the Assail-A-Cell Air Cleaner/Cell Cleaner. Be sure to spray between each cell plate and cover every surface. Allow product to soak for a few minutes, not allowing it to dry. Rinse thoroughly with water. For extremely heavy deposits, repeat the process. Allow the cell to dry completely before reinstalling.


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